Temporary Placement

OSSI can provide personnel for short or long-term assignments or special projects for which you do not want to commit the services of a regular employee.

Direct Hire Placement

OSSI can recruit, screen, interview and reference check applicants for regular employment with your company.

Customized On-Site Programs

Allow OSSI to assist you in overseeing a large number of temporary employees. Our on-site supervisors perform duties including: scheduling, new employee orientation, tracking hours, tracking attendance, employee safety training, and reporting employee progress. On-site supervisors are a great way to ensure that your company succeeds with a contingent workforce.

Temp-to-Hire Placement

OSSI can arrange for you to try out personnel before you take them on as a regular employee. You can hire any employee to your direct payroll after a minimum waiting period or for a placement fee. Be sure to ask your OSSI consultant if you qualify for our free-hire policy.


If you know who you would like to try on the job, OSSI will employ them for you on our payroll. OSSI will take on the costs associated with payroll, plus cover workers compensation and unemployment. A great option for ensuring employees are a good fit for your company or administrating payroll for seasonal industries.

“Just in Time” Staffing

OSSI’s “Just in Time” Staffing can benefit your company for those times when a new customer or unexpected order creates a gap between your personnel resources and client fulfillment. Meet unforeseen demands without maxing out your existing personnel services.

Emergency Staffing

Call OSSI for any labor crisis, including facility shutdowns, natural disasters, and strikes.